Perspective on School Shootings


In recent days, everyone from politicians to NBA basketball players has weighed in on the social tragedy that is the ongoing occurrence of school shootings.  Some have offered up there opinion based on the color of their skin resembling the color of some victims.  Others have spouted their opinion simply because they get paid large amounts of money to do so on morning television shows.

My perspective comes from working in the public school system as a teacher and pursuing an advanced degree in school administration.  As well my perspective is irrevocably colored by Scripture, the Word of God.  With that said, here is some perspective.

As with many things in life, I see these school shootings like fruit on a tree.  Like fruit, these shootings catch the eye and draw attention.  Also, like fruit, these school shootings are not a stand alone entity, just as a tree makes possible the appearance of fruit, likewise there are some structures making possible the school shootings.  A farmer delights or laments the fruit he produces, and a good farmer knows some necessary keys to producing excellent fruit.

Key #1:  The farmer knows so well that the root system is essential to the production of healthy fruit.  In order to have good fruit there must be good roots.  We would all agree that these school shootings are bad fruit, they are sad, unnecessary, heart-wrenching losses of life.  Furthermore, we know plainly from Scripture that the root of all wickedness- murder, theft, envy, etc… is sin.  Sin is the root of this school shooting issue.

Key #2:  The farmer knows as well that to produce good fruit there must be a healthy trunk, bark, and body of the tree.  If the root system of this problem is sin, then what is the trunk, the body of the problem, that is producing school shootings?  I submit to you there are several clear components that make up this unhealthy trunk.

* For many years now our public school systems have dumped money into teaching programs like character education.  Programs that are in my opinion, good programs.  However, at the same time multiple generations have been taught in the school system, that if a teenage girl doesn’t want that unborn child living inside of her, that she can get rid of it because it’s not a life.  Our school system has labored to teach good character but at the same time taught students that it is okay to value or not value certain lives.  Hollywood and politicians should not act surprised when teenagers walk into a school and murder innocent lives, because for decades we have taught students its okay to selectively value human life.  These teenagers have watched there parents do it and their grandparents do it, and by the standards of the federal government they are old enough to murder a child in the womb.  Truly, how can we be surprised when these school shootings take place?

* Secondly, by what standard can politicians or media say that this activity is wrong?  God and his Word has been removed the school, from the television airwaves.  Many would argue that based on the conscience of culture, the school shootings are wrong.  Historically though, culture’s conscience is a fickle, ever changing matter.  For a time in this country alcoholic beverages of any kind were considered culturally wrong, but of course that changed rather quickly.  There are pockets of culture in our country that hold to polygamy being healthy and good.  So based on the conscience of culture what is wrong today, may or may not be wrong tomorrow.  This is called an absence of absolutes.  The same voices that are screaming how bad it is that these school shootings occur, are the same voices that push incessantly the mindset that there is no absolutes.  So the question remains on what standard can these acts be deemed wrong?

* Thirdly, our education system has thoroughly indoctrinated most young people with the concept that human beings are nothing more than evolved apes or animals.  Our liberal media and elite routinely speak of themselves as being more evolved than those on the other side of the aisle from them.  So, how can we be surprised when a teenager who believes human life is just an evolved animal life, decides to murder the lives of those he feels are less evolved than him?

These are a few characteristics that make up the trunk of this tree.  In simplest terms, we are seeing teenagers fulfill exactly what we have taught them.  Basketball players can blame it on guns, but the hard truth is we produced this problem, not guns.  The fruit is rotten because the tree is sick!

Thankfully, there is a solution, a singular solution.  It is not in politics, or laws, or more restrictions on American freedoms.  The solution is to recognize, exalt, and teach absolute truth.  To know truth you must know the One who spoke truth.  He is the one said all human life is created in His image.  He said he created man.  He said his law is the standard by which right and wrong can be determined.  Romans 1:21- Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. 

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